Construction Apps.

Streamline site admin.

Built by construction professionals, easily manage project documents from a single source. Automate your company, safety, quality and environmental compliance.

Email reports per week
Mobile apps on sites
Projects assisted
Man hours saved

26% of landfill waste is paper. Our apps save ...


Litres of water every week
Kg of CO2 every week

40+ years in construction

With over 40 years working in most positions in the Australian construction industry, our team are construction people first and technology experts second. We understand your current requirements and are here to help.

What do we do

We build mobile apps for the construction industry. We help builders, contractors, foremen, engineers and safety personnel manage all their construction and site management forms in one place. Automate your Safety, Quality and Environmental Compliance.

Save time, $ and reduce stress

Create a more efficient, profitable and compliant organisation. Sleep at night knowing your documentation is done right and accurately. Eliminate paper based processes, never loose a document, all records are saved and comply with ISO requirements.

Easily stay on top of site and project paperwork. Our apps put you back in charge.

Are you a builder, tradesman, contractor, foreman, engineer, supervisor or safety advisor? Filling in paper forms is inefficient and costly. Transform your paper based systems into mobile apps to instantly capture data on site, reduce errors, know who and when forms are completed, capture geo locations and so much more.

Device Compatible

Android and iOS compatible. Accessed from mobile, tablet, laptop or PC


Choose from any of our prebuilt modules, or we can custom make your very own

Document Security

Never loose a document, all records are saved and sent to email in pdf.

Work Offline

No internet, no problem. Use our apps with or without coverage.

Multiple Jobs. Multiple Users

Centralised record keeping, everyone's kept in the loop. Real time visibility.

Local Premium Aussie Support

Anytime support. Speak directly with the developers to answer any question.

Free your team to focus on what matters most. We automate the rest

We custom build apps to tailor to each contractor’s unique systems, processes and around your exact documentation. Workers don’t have to learn any new ‘ways’ to complete their daily tasks as the forms they are used to filling in, are now simply filled out in your app.

Because each trade is unique and each business has different procedures, our app solutions vary between clients.

Nail it every time, with mobile apps made by construction pros.

We have decades of experience in the construction industry as professionals. We have also specialised in ISO and FSC implementation. As a specialised app developer for the construction industry, we have a deeper understanding of the industry’s specific needs and challenges. This results in apps that are better tailored to our industry, addressing its unique requirements and enhancing its operational efficiency.

We understand the balance between compliance and effectiveness.

Our apps are designed to help contractors meet their compliance requirements. Whether you just use SWMS or a full ISO or FSC management system, our apps seamlessly dovetail into existing management systems because they are designed in concert with your current systems. We go to great lengths to reduce user interaction with the apps and ensure user-friendly and intuitive interfaces to make them easier for workers to use on the job.

Experience counts

We can provide any number of standard forms which are all compliant and in alignment with industry standards, or, we can utilise your existing system documentation and create digital online versions. Because our app platform is very flexible, we can quickly design, implement and deploy bespoke apps in a matter of hours.

Why Construction Apps?

“We are construction pros, who are expert in building and developing effective, time saving mobile apps that work in the real world”


Our processes provide you with the flexibility to customise our apps according to your specific requirements. This customisation ability is not always possible with traditional IT companies, which may use more rigid development processes.

Off Line Use

Our online forms are designed to work through zero, or intermittent 4G or 5G connectivity.

Data Security

Construction Apps does not store your data. The Construction Apps online forms themselves are stored in a secure cloud database.

Premium Support

We reside in SE Qld and we provide email and phone
support to answer your questions. We pride ourselves
on our customer’s satisfaction, as our long-standing
clients are the best advertising we could ever have

Customised to meet your needs

All our apps are developed with your growth in mind. We have found over the years that organisations that focus on their systems and processes inevitably grow much quicker and more efficiently than those who don't. Our apps are fully scalable to meet the business at its level of automation take-up. We can provide everything you will ever need, or as little as you require. Only pay for what you need.

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