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New Silica Exposure Code of Practice just released.

When a construction worker interacts with crystalline silica and creates dust, for example during concrete sawing, grinding, or jackhammering, if respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is required to be used as a control, the task must be recorded.

New legal requirement for the construction industry.

It is now a legal requirement in our industry (as at 1st May 2023) for employers to monitor, document and record details of every interaction with Respiratory Crystalline Silica (RCS) dust when a control measure is to wear a respiratory protective mask. Once 30 exposure days have been reached, the workers need to be health monitored. Use our app to create the record and manage the exposure counts for every worker.

What is Respiratory Crystalline Silica (RCS) dust exposure?

Construction work often involves the use of materials that contain RCS, a type of mineral that can cause serious lung disease when inhaled.

Safework Australia and OH&S bodies in most Australian states have adopted a new RCS code of practice.

Once a worker has had 30 instances of exposure in any given 12 month period, the worker is then required to be Health Monitored by a competent GP.

With the current systems utilised by most contractors in the industry, this new legislation is a big ask and will cause an administrative nightmare.

Thankfully Construction Apps is ahead of the game. We have built a very efficient tool to manage all your code documentation requirements in one easy to use and user friendly mobile app.

Our App's Advantages

Easily record silica dust exposure for you and your workers

Real-time data collection:

Our mobile app allows workers to quickly and easily record their exposure to silica dust throughout the day, in real-time. This means that employers can see exactly, who, when and where exposure is occurring, and take immediate action to mitigate it if necessary.

Easy data sharing:

With a mobile app, employers can easily share exposure data with other team members and stakeholders, such as safety managers, the Principal Contractor and OH&S compliance officers. This allows everyone to stay informed and take action as needed to protect workers.


With a mobile app, workers can easily record their instances of silica dust exposure on-the-go, right from their smartphones or tablets. 

Increased accuracy:

Traditional methods of recording such as paper forms, can be prone to errors and inaccuracies. A mobile app, on the other hand, eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.


Compared to other data collection methods, mobile apps are a no-brainer. This means with little outlay, employers can solve BIG problems and save time and money.

Increased productivity:

Eliminates the need for workers to stop what they’re doing and fill out forms manually, which saves time and increases productivity.


How does it Work?

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Easy set-up steps:

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2. Watch the Set-up Guide Video: Follow the steps in this video to successfully set up your business and workers with the app. 

4. Contact Us: If you have any issues our onboarding specialists will help you with set-up.

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Stay compliant and safe

Using our mobile app to record exposure instances will help you improve the overall safety culture of the workplace

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Record details of every instance of Respiratory Crystalline Silica (RCS) dust exposure and the number of times each worker is exposed to RCS on the job.

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