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Passive Fire Register App

Automate your passive fire penetration records.  Stop using paper and pen to record locations, collar types, marking up blank labels then completing the register manually.

Customised penetration labels meeting AS4072.1

Pre-Printed and sequentially numbered labels with penetration manufacturer and company details that sync with the app. Dates and FRL can also be pre-printed to further eliminate writing errors and increase productivity. Customise your company’s branded labels for each penetration.

How do we give you the efficiency to save 100's of hours of admin per job?

By pre-entering your project specific Passive Fire system requirements into the app, the user only needs to select the Application and Fire Stop element and the rest of the details are automatically populated from the passive fire system data.

With the current paper based systems utilised by most contractors in the industry, this app will keep you ahead of your competition AND save you $1,000's

How the app works

Easy as 1..2..3

1. Input your passive fire system data: We can do this for you, or show you how.

2. Tell us how many penetrations you anticipate for the project: Provide us with your company details including your logo and we will print off the penetration labels with all the pre-filled details.

4. We deploy the app to you:  We will brand our Passive Fire app with your company logo and formats and send install links to your nominated devices.

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Thankfully Construction Apps is always ahead of the game. We have built a very efficient tool to manage your passive fire penetration details and automate your register. All your projects penetration documentation requirements in one easy to use and user friendly mobile app.

Our App's Advantages

Simple and easy recording of penetration data for you, your passive fire certifier and the principal contractor

Real-time data collection:

Our mobile app allows workers to quickly and easily record  penetration data directly aligned with your projects passive fire system. This means that you can quickly see what type of fire protection is used in each penetration location. 

Easy data sharing:

With our cloud based mobile app, data can be shared with other team members and stakeholders, such as fire certifiers, the Principal Contractor or compliance officers, in real time. This allows everyone to stay informed to ensure compliant fire protection.


With our mobile app, workers easily record penetration data right from their smartphones or tablets. 

Increased accuracy:

Traditional methods of recording such as paper forms, are be prone to errors, inaccuracies and loss. Our mobile app, on the other hand, eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.


Compared to traditional data collection methods, this mobile app is a no-brainer. This means with little outlay, you can solve BIG problems and regain wasted time and save BIG dollars.

Increased productivity:

Our app eliminates the need for workers to fill out forms manually, which increases productivity, reduces errors and allows project stakeholders real time visibility.

Never let Penetration Registers be a burden again.

Using our mobile app to record and label penetration details will dramatically improve your recording accuracy, admin efficiency, reduce the tedious paperwork and FREE up tradesman's time.

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Automate the recording and creation of your penetration passive fire register.

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